​Complete washing of the exterior, wheels and tires. Premium polish/wax applied by hand or machine and all wheels, tires & trim dressed. Complete interior vacuuming, cleaning of dash, door panels, consoles, glass and door jambs. Dress interior surfaces and door jambs.

​Please use this price list as a guide.  These prices are subject to change depending on what type of vehicle and condition the vehicle is in. Please call or stop in for me to take a look at your vehicle ahead of time if you wish.

​Most Cars / Smaller SUV's, Van's & Trucks

​$180 to $200+ complete

​Exterior only $120 to $140+

​Interior only $90 to $110+

Larger Cars, SUV's, Vans & Trucks

$210 to $270+ complete

Exterior only $150 to $210+

Interior only $90 to $120+


​Complete exterior vehicle wash, wheel, tires & glass

Complete spray wax and tire shine.

​$50 to $80+


​We are currently scheduling THREE day blocks of time for your vehicle during the week and TWO day for the weekends. We can do weekday or weekend appointments. Free pick up and delivery of your vehicle if this option is more convenient for you. I do not rush when I am working on your vehicle so I can give you the best job possible as well as a great value for the money you are spending to take proper care of your vehicle.

Thanks and I hope to see you soon!!

​Ron Howells