​Complete washing of the exterior, wheels and tires. Premium polish/wax applied by hand or machine and all wheels, tires & trim dressed. Complete interior vacuuming, cleaning of dash, door panels, consoles, glass and door jambs. Dress interior surfaces and door jambs.

​Please use this price list as a guide.  These prices are subject to change depending on what type of vehicle and condition the vehicle is in. Please call or stop in for me to take a look at your vehicle ahead of time if you wish.

​Most Cars / Smaller SUV's, Van's & Trucks

​$160 to $180+ complete

​Exterior only $100 to $120+

​Interior only $70 to $90+

Larger Cars, SUV's, Vans & Trucks

$190 to $250+

Exterior only $130 to $190+

Interior only $70 to $90+

Additional services to the Basic Detail

Carpet & Mats shampoo $30 to $60+

​Shampoo seats $30 to $60+

Leather seats clean & condition $20 to $60+

Engine compartment spruce-up $30+


​Complete exterior vehicle wash, wheel, tires & glass

Complete spray wax and tire shine.

​$50 to $80+

​Please keep in mind that I will need your vehicle here for 2 to 3 days to get worked on. I have other obligations and sometimes need to work in overlapping appointments due to numerous situations such as weather and shop space. I do not rush when I am working on your vehicle so I can give you the best job possible as well as a great value for the money you are spending to take proper care of your vehicle.

Thanks and I hope to see you soon!!

​Ron Howells